PDD5001 Drill Hammer Hammer Drill 3 IN 1 750W Rotary Hammer

Short Description:

  • Model: PDD5001
  • Voltage: AC220~240V/50Hz
  • Rated Input Power : 600/750W
  • No load speed: 0~2800rpm
  • Size: 260*300*70mm
  • Chuck capacity: 1.5~13mm
  • Accessories: 1*1.5m plug wire,Handle, Tension spanners,Ruler
  • Parameter

    Item No.


    Rated Input Power

    No load speed

    Chuck capacity








    1*1.5m plug wire, handle, tension spanners, ruler



    Our Rotary Hammer has a lot of features you need:
    Power Motor: Easy and accurate for heavy-duty concrete and metalworking projects.
    Humanized Design: The safety clutch protection design protects your wrist when the Rotary hammer is subjected to high torque force. The PU soft-grip effectively prevents slippage and brings a better and more comfortable grip during use.
    Three Functions: Drill only (for wood, steel, etc.), hammer only (for concrete or bricks) and hammer drill (for heavy work) three different functions, suitable for various work scenarios and easy to switch.
    Variable speed control: Precise start with full control of torque required for the job.
    Meet Your Different Needs: The Rotary hammer is ideal for projects on Concrete, Brick, and Granite, etc., and normal (Drill Position) ideal for drilling and making holes in wood, metal, aluminum, etc.

    Drill-Hammer-Hammer-Drill-3-IN-1-750W-Rotary-Hammer (4)


    PDD5001 Rotary hammer is your wise choice. It can reach a no-load speed of 2800rpm/min, and is suitable for various works such as demolition of walls, groundbreaking, and house decoration. With a good cooling system, the motor of PDD5001 will not overheat even if it is used for a long time.
    Dual-function switch designs provide 100% longer life compared to single-function switch designs. The three different functions of drill only, hammer only and hammer drill can be easily switched to adapt to various work scenarios. The safety clutch system protects the user when the machine is overloaded.


    YOURLITE is a professional manufacturer of tools. YOURLITE can provide you with the best products, we believe our products can meet all your needs. YOURLITE PDD5001 Rotary Hammer is your good choice, you can choose according to different needs to meet your diverse needs.

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