PDD1002 Screwdrivers Electric with 45pcs Accessories

Short Description:

  • Model: PDD1002
  • Charging voltage: DC5v
  • battery (built-in): 3.6V Li-lon 1300mAh
  • Charging time: 3~5h
  • No load speed: 200rpm /min
  • Max.torque: 3N.m
  • Chuck capacity: 5mm
  • Size: 155*130*42mm
  • Accessories: USB charging cable+45 bits
  • Advantage

    Yourlite's Screwdrivers Electric can bring a lot of convenience to your life:
    As a product of the development of modern technology and civilized society, compared with the traditional manual screwdriver, the advantages of Screwdrivers Electric are that it is convenient and simple, improves work efficiency, and reduces unnecessary time because of the portability, convenience and simplicity of electric screwdrivers. In today's society, even girls can easily get started and complete the work of repairing and disassembling by themselves.

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    Visibility: The Screwdrivers Electric boast LED lights for improved visibility, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime, even in dark corners and low-light areas.
    Make Your Life More Convenient: The Screwdrivers Electric with USB port are practical tools that make everyday repair and maintenance easier and faster. Handy and rechargeable, the power screwdriver is indispensable for rapid and time-saving driving tasks.
    Fit in Tight Spaces: With a pistol grip shape and compact size, this Screwdrivers Electric can work in tight areas.
    Adjustable Two-position Handle: In-line or pistol-grip. Handle position gives you different options, you can use it as a screwdriver from 90 degrees to 180 degrees to meet all your needs.
    Convenient: You can screw drive and drill easily and quickly, and 46 accessories are also included.


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    Best Choice

    Electric screwdrivers play important roles in our lives and are one of the most widely used tools. It can be said that every household has one electric screwdriver. YOULITE can provide you with the best products, and we believe that our products can meet all your needs. YOURLITE electric screwdriver is your ideal choice.

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