PMT2003 Rechargeable Portable Cordless Polisher for Sanding Wood

Short Description:

  • Model : PMT2003
  • Battery(built-in): 12V Li-lon 1500mAh
  • No load speed: 0~2800rpm
  • Charging time : 3~5h
  • Diameter of Disc : 125mm
  • Size: 260*170*190mm
  • Accessories : 1*backup battery pack, 1*adapter
  • Parameter

    Item No.

    Battery (built-in)

    No load speed

    Charging time

    Diameter of Disc




    12V Li-Ion 1500mAh




    1*backup battery pack, 1*adapter



    Polishers are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing.
    Ergonomic Design: Our polisher handle is ergonomically designed to provide you with better and more comfortable operation, which can help you reduce fatigue and improve operational portability and stability in different working environments. The plastic headshell provides good thermal insulation during high-intensity operation.
    Power and Stable: The powerful motor ensures great power, long-term durability and smooth operation for everyday use. Can be used for polishing cars, furniture, boats and sanding wood or metal.
    Compact Size & Lightweight: The design of the grip makes this Cordless Polisher in a compact and convenient way for you to work. Lightweight but not chintzy let you tackle job easier without strain on arms or hands.
    Wide Applications: Superior features make this Cordless Polisher ideal for car, home appliance, furniture polishing, waxing and sealing glaze.

    Rechargeable-Portable-Cordless-Polisher-for-Sanding-Wood (4)


    Before using a high-speed polisher, the following checks should be done:
    1.The operator's hands and feet should be kept away from the rotating polishing head.
    2.The operator must not step on the power cord or entangle the power cord inside the polishing head.
    3.Operators must dress safely.
    4.The polished area must not exceed the length of the power cord.
    5.The operator shall not let go of the operating handle without authorization. When stopping, the handle must be released after the high-speed polishing machine has completely stopped rotating.
    6.Do not use polishing pads with dust and dirt. When the polishing pad with too much dirt cannot be cleaned, it should be replaced in time.
    7.When replacing and installing the polishing pad, the power must be cut off.


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