Basketball Game!Youth never drop away.

Post time: 2021-09-13

2This year’s summer seems to end very early. The fire in heart has not yet dispersed, but autumn’s coolness has gradually hit. Although the autumn wind comes, the enthusiasm does not disappear. September is meant to be about basketball.

Basketball is every boys’ dream. In order for it, we can temporarily put down the work at hand, pay the time, sweat and energy to spend the days with the players together. It is an indispensable wonderful moment in life.

The basketball conveys the spirit of unity. Victory is not only a person’s honor, but also a group of People’s sweat and running.

Action is the signal. Tacit understanding is our biggest weapon. Same footsteps, same eyes. The cheers surround us at the moment the ball shoots into the hoop.

Although there are wins and losses on the field, what is more memorable is our persistence and enthusiasm in fighting. Come on, we’re the best!

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